Cesidian law reaches Siberia

The High Board of the Single Union, an organisation which unifies three Russian micronations (the Neustrian Union, Northern Empire, and the Republic of Lostisland), in Resolution №28 R-08.02.2011 has voted to incorporate within the City of Cyberterra.

As a practical matter, this creates a legal precedent for other intermicronational organisations or unions. The Single Union, in fact, is not the only intermicronational organisation incorporated in Cyberterra, as also the Micronational Professional Registry is incorporated there. It is the first time, however, that a non-UMMOA organisation has incorporated in Cyberterra.

This incorporation also has a practical, and not necessarily just a Cyberterrestrial effect. Cyberterra and the Fifth World Community are the only Cesidian law jurisdictions thus far. The jurisdiction of Cyberterra was limited to a point in the middle of the Adriatic Sea until 8 February 2011, and the jurisdiction of the Fifth World Community was limited to a few buildings and properties in North and Central America. With the incorporation of the Single Union in Cyberterra, however, the reach of Cesidian law has now extended to Russia, to a land plot with house located in Kuznetsovka, in the Irkutsk Oblast (about 25 chilometres from the city of Bratsk, an area of Russia which is just above Mongolia). So the reach of Cesidian law, besides North America, Central America, and Europe, has now extended to Asia through the Siberia part of Russia. Is it really Siberia, or actually Cyberia in disguise? Only time will tell.

We invite other intermicronational organisations to incorporate in Cyberterra. All solid virtual-based micronational organisations are welcome. By incorporating in Cyberterra, any intermicronational organisation will be very free to operate, will follow micronational standards that are very liberal and logical, and we believe there will also be advantages in the future as the UMMOA develops.

All territory- or Montevideo Convention-based micronational organisations can also incorporate through a more land-based entity called the Fifth World Community, the world’s first diaxenospitia.

There is a need for more freedom in the world, and Cesidian law is a warranty for that. There is also a need for more small nations to work together on trying to solve common small nation problems, and global problems, and incorporating virtual organisations in Cyberterra (CT) is a first step, and incorporating real buildings, homes, and/or properties in the Fifth World Community (5WC) is another possible step.