Cyberterra Dollar (CTD) is born

On 10 June 2010 the Cyberterra dollar (CTD) officially came to life.

The Cyberterra dollar (CTD) isn’t Monopoly money, however fancy the printer. Like the old European Currency Unit or ECU, the CTD isn’t even available in bills or coins, and like the old ECU, it is also made up of a basket of currencies, largely Euros, Swiss francs, and Canadian dollars.

The total value of Cyberterra dollars is limited for the time being, but you can view it at any time either on an UMMOA official or unofficial site:

As I write this, there are 653.17 Cyberterra dollars in existence, which are collectively worth about 767.97 US dollars. Not a lot of money, of course, but the point of this news piece is that it is Real money, not Monopoly money.