Don’t register your thingy in the wrong place

Don’t register your building, district, city or diaxenospitia in the wrong jurisdiction.

On 14 August 2009, the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) enacted the following policy: any sovereign state recognised by the MPR that ends up on the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom’s (USCIRF) list of “Countries of Particular Concern” (CPC) — the US government’s designation for countries with ongoing, egregious violations of religious freedom — shall cease to be recognised by the MPR.

Sovereign states on the CPC list that were not already recognised, shall automatically become natio non grata, and shall be treated like nations on the MPR’s Certified Terrorist Nations εν list. “Countries of Particular Concern” (CPC) can be viewed here:

In the past, even micronations that were connected with Pakistan (a CPC) or Pakistani nationals were refused any consideration for MPR membership. This may not sound right, and it may even sound discriminatory, but in our opinion if you claim to be part of a micronation that claims, directly or indirectly, to be independent of Pakistan, and yet you still think like a Pakistani, then you are a Pakistani. Any connection with a micronation, especially one with no strong external recognition, no strong and distinct disassociation from the country of Pakistan, is insufficient evidence of moral, religious, and/or political independence.

This MPR policy actually turns out to offer a form of protection. When Osama bin Laden was killed in a raid by US Navy SEALs, this action put Abbottabad, Pakistan on the world map of infamy. Yes, the world map of infamy:

Even schools in Abbottabad, Pakistan are now treated like terrorist havens, so while ‘guilt by association’ is not decent or even rational (it is a logical fallacy), people in Washington and elsewhere still think in that way, especially with regard to terrorism. Tell me where your town or diaxenospitia is located, or under which jurisdiction, and I’ll tell you just how much potential it has:

Register your building, district, town, or diaxenospitia in Pakistan, and it is like committing ‘citicide’.

Register your building, district, town, or diaxenospitia under the jurisdiction of the UMMOA, even though it is no pussycat of the United States, and not only you’ll be a lot more independent in running your own affairs, but this is what one Ummoagian diaxenospitia looks like on the world map, the only one that matters:

There obviously isn’t a hint of Pakistan or Pakistani here, and because of the way the MPR is run, there never will be.

A recent article of mine, “Micronations: communities without strangers“, adds additional detail about our thinking:

First Worldism is essentially the idea that societal change can be accomplished at the ballot box, but since that idea is not a realistic one, then First Worldism needs narcotic words like democracy, but it really leads to things like colonialism, imperialism and capitalism.

Fourth Worldism is essentially the idea that societal change can be accomplished by splitting from a larger state either peacefully or through violent means.

Fifth Worldism or micronationalism, is essentially the idea that societal change can be accomplished when everyone has an actual input into things. In a First or Fourth World context there are still two categories of people, representatives and represented. At least ideally, this is not true in a Fifth World context, and “[t]his is the complete opposite of life in the Official World, where people yield all their power to others, and these others are not their parents, spouses, children, relatives, or even caring friends, but complete strangers.”

It is clear that any form of Fourth Worldism is potential terrorism in the longer run, and that our clear bias is in favour of Fifth Worldism or micronationalism — which we believe provides a better solution to many different kinds of problems, but also no stench, or even potential stench of terrorism, not even by a long shot — is the best long-term philosophy the world has ever known since the dawn of man.