Helping micronationalists help themselves

Steve Spence and his friends at Green-Trust may not realise it, or may not fully realise it, but they are on the cutting-edge of the potential of distributive economics.

The only form of government that is worthwhile, is the kind of government that promotes the real (not capitalistic, not communistic) welfare of the people, which is ultimately the real welfare of families, by promoting, building, financing, educating people about systems that create natural abundance.

This is the true and only purpose of legitimate government, once you get rid of all those destructive layers which are only promoting the economics of capital (aka the economics of government-printed money), of oligarchy (aka the power of the few), of dependence (outright dependence on government, which is liberalism/socialism, or dependence on those, generally corporations, which government favours, which is conservatism/capitalism), and scarcity (the economics of those who get wealthier only when other people get poorer).

Anarchists may not agree on this, but government is not really the enemy of human progress and happiness, and the truth is simply that there are too many governments of the wrong kind around, and they have far too much power, and there are too few of the right ones, which deserve to be heeded, which deserve your fellowship and support.

Today’s micronational leaders, if they don’t wish to become as obsolete as the current political-economic system has become, should pay attention to the thoughtful theologian and businessman John Médaille, who states in the brilliant article below,

It is the task of the Distributists [or Distributionists] to look around their neighborhoods and see which problems can be solved from local resources [intramicronational], which by trading with our nearest neighbors [proximicronational], and which will require wider forms of cooperation [intermicronational]. Contrary to received wisdom, the current system cannot feed the world, or at least not the world of cars, cows, and people …. We can show how the world can be rebuilt, and rebuilt with abundance.

I urge all micronationalists with excess capital, even just a thousand dollars, to lend Steve and his friends money. Chances are very good that not only they will not lose their money, but they will also make some very attractive interest, and do even greater good than loans usually provide.

For those micronationalists who are closer to the wealth of ‘hobos’, than the ‘wealth of nations’, I suggest that you participate in Steve’s raffle of a complete Aquaponics kit, or through an outright donation. More funds are still needed for hardware and other parts in order to complete the aquaponics system’ practical research and constrution.

The Economics of Abundance