Intermicronational World (IW) is born

In the Italian micronational community, almost entirely relegated to Facebook pages, I often read the mention of a micronational crisis.

I’m not the one to deny that a real crisis does exist within that specific language-based micronational community, but do these folks ever wonder why nobody cares about the largely fictitious and fascist entities they call ‘micronations’?

The truth is that the micronational communities — yes the phrase is plural, because there are more than one — are alive and well, especially in the English-speaking world, and in great part this is a Fifth World community, although there is also a significant and respectable Sixth World presence.

In fact, there is already such an impressive intermicronational presence, that I thought it was worthwhile to go beyond the UMMOA, go beyond even the Fifth World, which is certainly greater than the UMMOA proper, and to start speaking of an intermicronational world.

A new website was recently created to educate people even outside micronationalism of the many intermicronational communities that we are a part of, and why we are getting so many things right, while most pathetic Italian-speaking micronations can seem to do no better than to simply ape the Official World, the only real world which is in crisis! This is the new website:

By the way, this is just a good start, but I’m open to positive criticisms from everyone, as well as news items that are genuinely significant, and/or intermicronational.

You can write to me, the HMRD Cesidio Tallini, from the web form below: