Cyberterra Journal is “[c]ommentary from 43°0’0″ North and 15°0’0″ East”. That is where the city of Cyberterra is located, a mathematical point in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, so the issues discussed in Cyberterra Journal are neither strictly earth-based, nor pedestrian.

In the 21st century micronationalism has taken on a less quixotic character, especially through the more mature micronations (aka Fifth World nations).

There are now micronationists who have been elected to an Official World parliament; micronationists who have been honoured with a MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire); micronationists who have developed new languages in working use; there are authentic micronational navigators/explorers; and there are even micronational athletes who have appeared on a world championship podium.

There are also micronations that run alternative Internets with great sophistication; micronations which have issued gold coins; micronations which have co-sponsored a major cultural events; micronations which have been recognised by international organisations; micronations which have launched significant political petitions; and there are even micronations which have sent their flag into the vacuum of space.

But the list of real achievements doesn’t end with specific micronationalists or micronations since there are, or have been, academic conferences on micronations; micronational travel guides; micronational bishops; micronational saints; micronational educational systems; micronational sports; micronational astrologies; micronational races; micronational meridians; micronational legal systems; micronational intellectual properties; micronational archaeological findings; micronational virtual invasions with non-virtual consequences; micronational religions; micronational health discoveries; micronational environmental philosophies; and even micronationalism itself has developed into a real protoscience.

It is clear that a more serious journal is needed to narrate these developments, and without any of the Official World’s condescension. This is the reason for Cyberterra Journal, “[c]ommentary from 43°0’0″ North and 15°0’0″ East”.


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